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Secretchart is Korea's leading medical tourism service.
Korea's medical technology is at the highest level in the world.
Low cost compared to the world's best medical technology level
feels appealing to millions of patients around the world.
Already, 360,000 foreign patients visited Korea in 2016.

Korea is the best country to receive medical services
such as plastic surgery, dentistry, health checkups and so on.
We can provide safe and reliable platform foreigners can depend on
when preparing their medical beauty journeys to Korea.

The secretchart is made up of very kind and professional medical managers.
We will protect and guide foreign patients so that you can receive medical service
in Korea very kindly like friends or sons and daughters.
Our purpose is to provide the best medical services to our clients
by selecting the most suitable doctors and hospitals.

Secretchart is already a famous beauty medical service
used by more than 100,000 people in Korea.
We are very kind to international patients through our professional know-how.
Please feel free to contact us on a secretchart.
Secretchart accompany your beauty health helper.
Thank you.
about Secretchart

why secretchart?


Reasonable cost

In the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea, the fees paid by the medical institution to the agency should not exceed 30% for clinic, 20% for hospitals and general hospitals, and 15% for upper grade general hospitals based on total medical expenses paid by patients. Secretchart is in compliance with the law and helping customers negotiate with hospitals to come up with a reasonable fee when they visit a medical facility.


Selection of qualified medical staff

As hospitals and medical staff are selected through indiscreet ads and local agencies, damage cases are occurring. The secretchart is based on a reputable plastic surgeon who is registered with a plastic surgeon. We select medical institutions and medical staff from the viewpoint of the family, not the customers.


Aftercare service

If you come from Korea and receive medical treatment, secretchart will provide you with aftercare services via messenger or email even if you were satisfied with the results. If you have a problem, we will help you to resolve it.


The best experienced team of experts

Secretchart is a team of industry experts discretely catering to Korean celebrities for 10 years. We have operated Korean beauty medical services that are used by more than 100,000 customers. We have been working with our customers through accumulated know-how and reliable contents.


Medical check
- One-day Health
- screening program
- Overnight Health
- screening program

- Lasik
- Lasek

- Teeth Whitening
- Implant
- Lumineer

Plastic Surgery
- Eyelid              - Nose
- Anti Aging       - Breast
- Face Contouring
- Body Contouring

Woman Cosmetic
- Vaginoplasty Surgery
- Clitoral Surgery
- G-spot Surgery

- Botox               - Fat Grafting
- Filler                 - Fraxel Dual
- Laser Skin Treatment
- Permanent Cosmetic Make-up


Go to plastic surgeon with Sichgirl!

Message your coordinator what you need. Our experienced coordinators will process your demands to make your medical trip safe and enjoyable .

Introduce Secretchart

Come with Secretchart. Secretchart will be responsible for your Korean beauty medical tourism.

Arranging your trip

Message your coordinator what you need. Our experienced coordinators will process your demands to make your medical trip safe and enjoyable .

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what people say

Wai / female, 24 China
I knew Korean plastic surgery was very famous. I realized that local brokers were guiding me through expensive pricing.
So, I was worried too much. In the meantime, my friend showed a secretchart video and received free consulting from an secretchart.
The Secretchart did not charge the customer any consulting fee.
The staffs were very kind, and I was also very happy to get advice from the hospital.
Next time, of course, I will proceed through a Secretchart.

Korkunova / female, 30 Russia
I became aware of Secretchart through my best friend. I wanted to have a health checkup.
My friend receives a health checkup in Korea, my friend introduced to me because it was so good.
I had a lot of questions and worries. But, I was able to get a good medical checkup easily through Secretchart.
It was nice to have many good places to visit in Korea from Secretchart. It was very good because they seem like Korean friend.
I highly recommend Secrecchart to friends who are considering medical tourism in Korea.

Syun / female, 21 Singapore
I went to Korea with my mom for Korea travel. My mom considered anti-aging, so of course I contacted the Secretchart.
My best friend already got medical service in Korea with her mother and she was so happy that she recommended a Secretchart.
The Secretchart was very friendly and gave us free online consulting. Thank you very much for your kindness in foreign customers.
I had done this through a local broker, and I was surprised because the price was much cheaper.
It certainly felt different from other companies.

Ui Si / female, 28 Hong Kong
I wanted to make a beautiful figure like Korean entertainers while watching Korean drama. Previously I had a Korean cosmetic surgery
as a group tour, but the price was too expensive. I watched the Secretchart video contents on Facebook
and visited Korea through Secretchart. I visited Plastic Surgery through Secretchart and it was much cheaper than before.
The Secretchart did not deceive the price for foreign customers.
The Secretchart is a service that you can really trust and recommend.

Lawrence / female, 32 U.S.A
In the United States, dental treatment is too expensive. I heard that the dental treatment system in Korea is very well formed
and the price is low. I planned with my family and Korean medical tour for big dental surgery.
I found it through an agency in the US, but it was too expensive. My friend likes Korea very much, and he showed Secretchart YouTube.
We made dental appointment directly through Secretchart and were able to schedule the operation date.
Above all, I was able to receive dental treatment very satisfactorily at a really affordable and reliable hospital.
I hope that the Secretchart service becomes more global.