Frequently Asked Questions

Secretchart is Korea's leading medical tourism service.
Secretchart is already a famous beauty medical service used by more than 100,000 people in Korea.
We are very kind to international patients through our professional know-how.

There are several reasons as to why people travel across international borders instead of obtaining health care in their home country.
The first reason is lower costs. Surgeries, for cosmetic purposes or not, are substantially cheaper in Asian countries compared to the United States,
Canada, or the UK. Even taking the plane ticket and accommodation into consideration, you will pay just a fraction of the price,
without sacrificing the quality of treatment. Waiting periods for surgery will be shorter than in your home country, where there can be a one year
wait list for certain procedures.

Amazingly, we are a free service. Whether you use our services or not the price of your procedures will be the same,
if not more expensive, as we make sure our foriegn members are not being overcharged.

South Korean hospitals hold high standards and their quality of care is outstanding;
some of the leading hospitals have higher surgery success rates than those in developed countries.
The latest and most advanced equipment is used, and the surgeons are highly trained and experienced.
Secretchart only selects hospitals that have been accredited by Ministry of health and welfare, ensuring high quality care.

Of course, as long as the doctor/clinic is certified and meets our screening requirements!
You can tell us your preferences, we can help you with bookings, consultation, and post-surgery care.
Also if finding a doctor is too overwhelming for you, as it is for most people, we can help you choose the right doctor for you.

Please browse through our website to get a better feel of how we operate and who we are.
Feel free to contact us through email with any questions you may have, or if you are ready to get started and would like a quote,
fill out the Resevation Form or On-line consultation under Inquiry manu.

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